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Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy From Us?

Here at Bakersfield Pickup Trucks, we understand that our clients can have their choices among the numerous pick-up truck dealerships throughout the Kern County and greater Los Angeles area(s). With this in mind, this is why Bakersfield Pickup Trucks doesn't just aim to please Bakersfield truck drivers with the best variety of used lifted trucks, parts, and accessories around – this is not enough to get the job done! Our mission is to make sure every facet of your visit at our dealership, regardless if you’re buying, shopping, or getting your pickup truck maintenanced, is the very best it should be. Here are a number of elements in which Bakersfield Pickup Trucks strives to put the purchaser and shopper first each and every time:

Where We Are!

A few of the reasons why an individual customer or buyer should purchase they're next lifted, custom pickup truck from Bakersfield Pickup Trucks is due to our location! Located in the vast and open city of Bakersfield, CA, we are located in the southern region of Bakersfield and Kern County. Bakersfield Pickup Trucks lies just north of the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Metropolitan Area and has been designated as the 9th-most populated city in California. Another positive aspect about the location of Bakersfield Pickup Trucks is that the bordering cities are: Arvin, Atascadero, Rosedale, Oildale, and Wasco.

What We Have To Offer!

We provide some of the best incentives, specials, offers, and discounts when it comes to our inventory of pickup trucks, products, and accessories. We work with any and all of our customers and prospective purchasers to make sure that we can get them into the pickup truck that they are searching for. Depending on the size of the truck, date, season, or upcoming event(s), we have a propensity to provide discounts and specials to assist with the purchasing or financing of a stunning pickup truck. Several forms of incentives may also include cash discounts, low APR rates, financing rebates, or other exclusive offers. Make sure to stop by our Bakersfield Pickup Trucks dealership and inquire about our many offers, specials, and deals!

In-House Departments

Our departments here at Bakersfield Pickup Trucks help customers and purchasers with exceptional satisfaction and services. At Bakersfield Pickup Trucks, our team makes it their duty and objective to provide excellent customer service along all of our in-house departments; to make sure that we are meeting all of your needs and desires in a pickup truck or other particular vehicle services and maintenance. We have a superb team of salespeople, managers, technicians, and other staff members that can help you with any and all of your needs. Bakersfield Pickup Trucks strives to ensure that each person or couple that makes their way into our dealership leaves satisfied; regardless if they do or do not buy a pickup truck, other vehicles, or accessories.



Wide Selection Of Pickup Trucks

At Bakersfield Pickup Trucks, we have a large, wide array and an assortment of pickup trucks and other vehicles. We have several makes and models of pickup trucks and other SUVs and cars. If there is a specific pickup truck or vehicle make, model and trim that you are looking for and we do not have it in our inventory, don’t worry! Bakersfield Pickup Trucks can always make arrangements and accommodations to get you the pickup truck or other vehicle you are looking for. Therefore, we have a vast selection of Chevrolet, Nissan, Dodge, Toyota, Ford, GMC, and other automotive manufacturers. Whether you are searching for a unique truck, another vehicle, or accessories, Bakersfield Pickup Trucks can make sure you leave our dealership with what you are looking for!

Pricing Options

When it comes to looking for the best prices and deals for a great, dependable pickup truck, other vehicles, or parts and accessories, Bakersfield Pickup Trucks is your number one dealership for these pricing options. We, also, provide another option for purchasing or financing one of our many pickup trucks and vehicles; therefore you can trade for the value of your vehicle. This distinct option allows the purchaser or prospective buyer to fill out an informational form that we will use to assess the value and worth of their current vehicle in the case the person would want to trade in their car, truck, or SUV for credit on another pickup truck or automobile. We offer pre-approval and price quote breakdowns over the phone and at our Bakersfield Pickup Trucks location. Stop by today for some of the best prices on spectacular pickup trucks and other vehicles.

We Can Help With Financing!

Bakersfield Pickup Trucks has its own financing department located at the dealership. Essentially, an individual can purchase a car here and pay here in regards to financing. Here at our dealership, we own and operate a finance company on-site, so we can help finance you today! Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or bad credit history, allow our staff and finance managers to help you get into the vehicle you have been looking for. Do not let the fears of finance stop you from driving around in the vehicle you want!


Where Is The Fun?

Around Bakersfield Pickup Trucks are a plethora of high-quality stores, amazing restaurants, and other eateries that are within the general consensus area. Located nearby our dealership is the Crossroads Shopping Center; a spacious shopping center that offers a large range of brand-name retailers and also well-known food chains. Considering that this shopping center is open everyday Monday - Sunday, stopping by our dealership during the weekends is not a problem when you can drop off or pick up your vehicle and go get great food or clothes. Also located nearby the dealership is also the Bakersfield Plaza. The Bakersfield Plaza is a small, quaint shopping center that houses numerous restaurants, Target, and other stores. With all of these eateries, stores, and attractions in Bakersfield, it may be a great reason why to purchase your next pickup truck, other car or SUV or automotive accessories!

We Buy Your Used Vehicles!

Bakersfield Pickup Trucks is not just a seller and distributor of used pickup trucks and other vehicles, but we also purchase used cars as well! If you or anyone who you know is looking to trade in their vehicle, the ‘Trade-In’ feature that we offer is an excellent option. Our financing department will help customers find the particular make and model they are looking for at the expense of trading in or selling their own vehicle. We have online tools and platforms that help us estimate the value and worth of a vehicle. However, you don’t have to trade in or sell us your car to purchase another car; you can always sell your car to us directly! We pay the best prices around for high-quality, dependable pickup trucks, other vehicles, and accessories. 

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